Freebird Comes Alive

Apr 16


Mar 02

The next presidents of the US -

Like this shit. Nao.

The next presidents of the US -

Like this shit.

Over Five Thousand

February is over.

Thank God.

The shortest month,

my ass.

It’s like January,

Minus the feeling of new beginning.

It’s over, and I’m alive,

So a new beginning is here

along with weather that’s not

Totally br00t41 d00d.

Even without my epic circumstances,

I’d be excited.

But here I am,

March 2,

Staring down the barrel of

A million opportunities.

So here’s to the end of the worst months,

And here’s hoping the best is yet to come

Feb 24

Sir Georgeman: Of Rice - My Greatest Vice -


This is a “food piece” I’ve written for a creative writing class I’m taking. It was supposed to be a piece of exultation over my favorite food, however, I took a bit of a different route and wrote about the most boring food I could think of. Enjoy.

Oh, the things I would do for a…

Follow this dude. Legit.

Feb 23


Walker On 'Koch' Phone Call: 'I Take Phone Calls All The Time' -

And a follow up.

Walker's Office Confirms Governor Fell For 'Koch' Prank Call -

There. Aren’t. Words.

Feb 21

This pit might kill me.

This pit might kill me.